A Bit On the Blunt Side

And that’s the last episode I’ll see live for two weeks. Eh at least I got a good one. Wacky thing that the writers did with Gabe or not.

Yeah posts are going to be even more speratic until I get back from Chile then they should get more frequent.

Well that is just lovely and quiet scary. I’m not sure who I’m more scared of right now Metatron or Abbadon or both?

Advantage of Metatrons magic zapping power. Cas now understands pretty much all references.

  • Mom -talking about Metatron and has never seen the show before-:

    Is he the Devil?

  • Me:

    No that's a completely different character from a completely different season.

Keep digging your grave deeper honey Gadreel because that’s all you are doing.

Huh Metatron knew he was alive. That’s interesting…