A Bit On the Blunt Side

For anyone wondering why I’m not liveblogging Listen right now.

I got back from a 4 miler shortly into the episode. And found myself physically and emotionally exhausted (the Zombies Run episode I was listening into was kind of a whammy). I’m still planning to do it heck I’m DVRing it as we speak. But not until after I’ve had a good long sleep.

So expect Listen and the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal tomorrow. Since I haven’t blogged either.

Clara is a freaking genius and knows how to play guys like a freaking fiddle.

Ah now we get to find out what the hell the robots are doing as soon as my tv stops coming out.

God bless Clara for her patience. I would have lost it long before then.

Yeah I was with the Doctor right up until the moment he blew up the target.

The Doctor is in denial land. This is great. He must have gone looking for them before and not found them.